Check. This. Girl. Out.

She is so rad. I was so happy I got a chance to photograph her. 
Just a fun, urban, hip shoot around some decaying buildings and a children's park. Thanks also to my girl Krista for being an A+ assistant. 
*~*~ This blog post goes really well with a Rihanna playlist.. just FYI~*~*

Stay Cool, y'all.


Cassie | Winter

This is my friend, Cassie. She is BEAUTIFUL. 

We decided to do a photoshoot around the ever-photographic city of Mankato </sarcasm>. Still, we were able to find some pretty rad spots.

I love photographing her. Even in single-digit-degree weather. I'm convinced she could look amazing in both Antarctica and also a desert because, well, I mean #flawless.

Take a look for yourself.

I say this basically every day but I am so lucky to have such gorgeous people in my life.



Abby - Ford Model

This is Abby. She is a Ford model. And my friend. HOW DID I GET THIS LUCKY!??

Seriously what an awesome time I had shooting this incredibly gorgeous gal. Working with her was amazing! Had some help from my friend Ian too. THANKS IAN!

Wishing her the best of luck at Ford! ... (like she needs it I mean look at those cheekbones!) I see such great things in her future! :)

- em