Check. This. Girl. Out.

She is so rad. I was so happy I got a chance to photograph her. 
Just a fun, urban, hip shoot around some decaying buildings and a children's park. Thanks also to my girl Krista for being an A+ assistant. 
*~*~ This blog post goes really well with a Rihanna playlist.. just FYI~*~*

Stay Cool, y'all.


Cassie | Winter

This is my friend, Cassie. She is BEAUTIFUL. 

We decided to do a photoshoot around the ever-photographic city of Mankato </sarcasm>. Still, we were able to find some pretty rad spots.

I love photographing her. Even in single-digit-degree weather. I'm convinced she could look amazing in both Antarctica and also a desert because, well, I mean #flawless.

Take a look for yourself.

I say this basically every day but I am so lucky to have such gorgeous people in my life.