Oh. Hello June.

Ok you guys. I'm gonna be real. 

Keeping a blog is not easy for me. 

On top of my laziness I am also The World's #1 Procrastinator. I will not clean my room until there is absolutely not an ounce of carpet left for me to step on. Maybe I like the challenge of maneuvering around giant piles of clothes and shoes. I sleep next to half-emptied luggage bags and unopened bags of chips and new shoes and even sometimes dangerous objects like scissors or screwdrivers. It's a wonder I don't injure myself in my sleep.

What I am trying to say is: I am lazy, a procrastinator, and keeping a style blog is going to be hard.

I've also been pretty swamped with work, family happenings, and general nice-weatherness. 
I apologize. I will try to be better at this! Let's hope summer brings productiveness to me.

Speaking of summer, check out my summer-y, floral-y shirt.

Florals. I love florals.

This is one of my favorite and oldest shirts. I got it at a thrift store in high school and cut off the sleeves. It makes those hot days a little more bearable when there is less fabric on your arms. When I'm not dressing business casual for the workplace, I tie the bottom and pair it with a pair of high-rise shorts! Endless possibilities.

Wanna find your own floral button-down? I suggest heading to your local thrift store/goodwill and scour the racks for some awesome prints. If you don't really like second-hand clothing (which would be a tragedy), check out these online options!



Of course, I can't go around wearing a cut off shirt to work. This is where a good blazer always comes in handy! Mine is a recent purchase from H&M. It's lightweight and essentially wrinkle free, with an open-front design, so essentially I can throw it over anything. 

And of course, American Eagle Denim.

And of course, American Eagle Denim.

That's all folks! I'm going to go outside and try to enjoy this beautiful weather. You should too!

Another post soon.... I promise.