Pajama Day.

Look at what I am wearing. Sweat Pants. 
I wore sweat pants to work. I have reached peak laziness.

I found these fabulous Joggers in a Macy's clearance rack. What a wonderful place. 
Initially I thought, "wow these are incredibly soft I can definitely see myself binge watching Law & Order on my couch in these. Hot Dog!"

The next morning however, after staring aimlessly at my closet for a good 13 minutes, my new Joggers suddenly spoke to me. They said, "Emilee......... wear us... we are like wonderful pants made of clouds we promise you will have a good time today."
How could I resist?

So I caved. But I knew that I couldn't just get away with wearing literal sweatpants to work that easily. Needed to dress things up a bit. So I threw on some heels. I threw on a button-down, some nice jewelry and grabbed a blazer. JUXTAPOSITION!

I know that you too, would like to wear sweatpants to work. You can do it! Let's do it! let's start a revolution! I unfortunately couldn't find these exact pair of Joggers (G.H. Bass & Co,), but here are some options that you could totally rock in the workplace:

Who knew that when I learned the word Juxtaposition in the 9th grade that it would help me wear pajamas to work.