Elizabeth + William

On a beautiful August day, I got to hang out with one of my favorite group of people in the world. 

Oh, and I shot a wedding.

It's easy to forget that this is my job when I am surrounded by my best friend and her family. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend full of laughter, tears and of course some serious moves on the dance floor. The weather was amazing & worked perfectly with the beautiful green vineyards at Glacial Ridge Winery. I have known Will and Liz for a couple years now, and have always seen an amazing spark and life to their relationship. I can't wait to share these photos with you.

Thank you, Liz & Will, for an unforgettable weekend. Love you both!


Kaitlin + Jake

Oh Kaitlin and Jake... What can I say about these two amazing, talented, loving people. 

This wedding was a dream. Not only was it a "mini-reunion" for many of our friends, but the day itself was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect couple, perfect everything. 

I met Kaitlin and Jake about four years ago when we were all going to school together at Minnesota State. Throughout these four years our "professional" relationship has gone from shy headshot sessions (me being the shy one) to an amazing secret proposal, an engagement session, countless production photos, family portraits, more headshots and, finally, the wedding. 

It's essentially the dream, folks. I'm living the dream.

Not only have I gotten to photograph these two over these four years, but I have also grown to call them some of my best friends. And I have been so blessed to have been there for these amazing moments.

So thank you, Kaitlin and Jake. For an amazing friendship, an awesome four years, and an unforgettable wedding. I love you.

p.s......... imma come hang wit u guys on that cruise. so .... make room.  :)

- em

Carmen | Senior

You guys... Carmen is amazing.

I am so happy to be sharing these senior photos with you. Carmen is such a beauty, inside and out. The day might have been hot and humid but this girl (along with her sister and friends) turned it into a seriously fun time. It was such a pleasure shooting her and getting to know her.

Take a look y'all. 

GAH! Love her. Best of luck with your senior year dear! I'll be cheering you on!

*insert celebration emoji*



Check. This. Girl. Out.

She is so rad. I was so happy I got a chance to photograph her. 
Just a fun, urban, hip shoot around some decaying buildings and a children's park. Thanks also to my girl Krista for being an A+ assistant. 
*~*~ This blog post goes really well with a Rihanna playlist.. just FYI~*~*

Stay Cool, y'all.


Candy + Jim

Wow.. It's been four months since my last blog post! 

What a busy four months it has been. I apologize for my lack of social enthusiasm.

In the wake of this immense hibernation I give you photos from the beautiful wedding of Candy & Jim. It was a gorgeous, intimate ceremony inside the stunning Pique Travel Design venue (fitting because Jim is a pilot), with stunning floral arrangements by Ashley Fox Designs and a beautiful pastel cake from Terry at Queen of Cakes. The weather was superb and astonishingly cooperative for Spring in Minnesota and besides a minor mishap with a deafening fire alarm, the day was amazing; a wonderful blessing to have been a part of.

Thank you Candy & Jim for letting me capture your beautiful day!